Cya Rain

Aloha from Maui. We arrived on Thursday and just saw the sun today, SUNday. It was a rainy and breezy couple of first days on Maui, but with a group of Withell’s there’s entertainment hiding in activities such as tennis in the rain,  chicken chasing, small town poking, and beach hunting. We’ve enjoyed margaritas and frosty beers, and episodes of Jackass or Tosh.O, ice cream sandwiches and waffle fries.


But, today the sun came out. We found a beach near the condo, plopped the towels down on the sand. We took turns attempting to surf the little wee waves in Kehei cove, and basking on the sand. After our skin was crispy enough for one day, we took a drive up the coast near Paia in search of big waves at Jaws, just to watch of course, as this break is considered Pro only or kamikaze with waves of between 25 to 50 feet at times. The swell wasn’t happening today, neither was our nack for finding surf breaks, so we got a little island sightseeing in before heading back to the condo for a much needed rinse.

It’s pretty amazing to see the difference between Oahu and Maui, and so far, I’m more fond of the former. Oahu has the downtown feel with culture, entertainment, and upbeat energy.  There’s lots to do and see, although I’m sure one could get sick of the noise and crowds. Maui seems to be more about families or retired couples, with noise restrictions after 9pm and grouchy neighbours complaining about whatever they can. Though the water here is very pretty, ad things are spread out with lots of natural surroundings- trees, mountains, etc. This also means little shopping and amenities form what I’ve seen so far. I certainly cannot remember much of being here in Maui 17 years ago, so there must be SOME development happening.

Anyway, its warm, and lovely, and we’re very happy spending our vacation here away from the cold and snow at home.

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