4.7 magnitude earthquake hit about 80 km south of Puerto Vallarta at around 3:30pm. Couch shakes, Josh wobbles. Here’s the proof:


About 30 minutes ago I was walking back from the kitchen to the living room with a lime popsicle, and about to sit on the couch when Josh said the couch was shaking slightly.

“Okay, sure… Are you sure you didn’t let a rumbler go?” says me.

“Um, haha. No. The couch was shaking. I’m not crazy.” says Josh.

Then, we proceed to eat popsicles and hack on our laptops simultaneously. Minutes later, he says “Hah, I was right. It was an earthquake!!”

I was impressed yet, unimpressed as I didn’t feel a thing. Perhaps because I was walking at the time and not paying attention to the furniture. What if there’s another one? A bigger one? Eeeeek… Yesterday we were discussing with our Sailing coach on the open seas about his experience in the 1986 earthquake in Mexico City. Josh wanted to know what it felt like. Was it strange?! I was okay with getting the knowledge second hand.

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