Any Puppy Dog Sitters??

Our 7 year old yellow lab Nixon is just in the process of recovering from a slipped disc in his neck in mid December. He’s just spent 3 weeks on bedrest with a myriad of medications, which kept him quiet and un-Marley-like so he could rest. We have spent the last week weaning these completely, so he is getting back to his active goofy self. As I am typing this out, he’s lying on the floor between rounds of giving his best friend elephant stuffy some lovin’.

So, we are scheduled to go on a surf trip towards the end of February for two weeks, and because he has been injured and recovery is slow we’ll need someone to look after him while we’re away. No kennels this time. But, this could be either at our home in McKenzie Towne or at someone else’s home if they’d prefer. So, if you know someone who might be willing to doggy sit for us, please let us know!

Normally we have a great doggy sitter, where he stays at her home, but because he can no longer wear a choke collar (or any collar for that matter) she’s worried about walking him while carrying her baby and walking her large dog pack (mostly because he wants to play and run but can’t because she walks near water and he has a crazy water obsession). He walks fairly well on leash, especially around our neighborhood even around the pond, and has been to “school” so he has good recall and likes to please.

So far, we’ve been doing short walks with his harness on, and he has actually been quite behaved. I expect that he’ll be able to go off leash in a few weeks as well, which will make him happy. There is a great offleash near Mahogany where we usually go. He can only be trusted to go offleash where there is NO water, and is fully fenced (or very quiet with no cars). Normally he gets one or two 30-40 minute walks a day when the weather permits, and sometimes he goes on our treadmill for 20 minutes if its cold (2-3 times per week if needed) and with shorter walks. He won’t be able to play ball and needs to be careful when playing with other dogs.

He gets along great with other dogs, is friendly and cautious around kids, but does not like cats and tries to chase rabbits. He’s a super happy go-lucky 85 pound lab, who LOVES everything, is very food motivated and needs someone to give him some TLC while we’re gone. We would be happy to provide fees for his care, and/or a doggy swap in return for someone else’s time away.

For more information or if you know someone who wants to be loved by a lab, please send me a message via email ( or facebook.

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