Bali final tally

Jared and Josh in Bali Temple in Bali

While lying on a lounger listening to the oceanwaves crashing today, it gave me a sense of peace knowing that I would no longer have to battle those big thunderous waves at this beach. At least this time. A funny thought I know, but on our first day in Bali those waves sparked nausea and anxiety and fear that I would have to go out there. But, I did, and I survived, but did not overly enjoy it. That’s okay.

We have been submerged in surf culture here just as much out of the water as in it. We have spent hours studying the waves, how more experienced riders approach each set, how they duck dive to avoid the beatings, when they take the wave, when they don’t, as well as the surf etiquette that we’d only really heard about in Mexico (at our quiet novice beach).” Surf”, it seems, is almost synonymous with “Bali”, or so it appears, when you head down any beach or street in Kuta, or sit on the ledge at the beach hotel and watch the passers by, the items to purchase, boards to rent/buy, and the big surf names that everyone here sports.  I am not giving up on surfing, only taking it all in, and I will be more prepared next time.  We had a board bag made here for cheap, for our surf boards at home, so that next time we decide to tackle some waves, we will have our good long-board friends with us.

Things we’ve been up to over the last few days…lounging, scootering, and trying out new restaurants. Four of us went for a massage the other day, and I must say it was lovely, but she did “work” on my back enough to make me feel like I had been hit by a truck. No one could touch my back for 2 days because of pain and muscle tenderness. It was good and for $7.00.

We did some more shopping and are having a crate of  cement statues, buddha’s and pagoda’s sent home. It’s not super cheap, but its definitely worth it, we think. There are so many other cool things I’d like to buy. Pillows, seat cushions, lanterns, wood carvings, fancy lighting, etc. Too much stuff, that I really don’t need.

Yesterday, we went to Waterbom Bali, the waterslides near Kuta with our 4 friends. We had a blast, and we’ll have to post some pictures of that on here once we’re home (internet is too slow here). We were like kids in a candystore, busy racing around the park for about 4 hours, impatient that lunch took time to make, it was taking us away from riding the tubes. A good day, a bit overcast so we didn’t all fry like toast out there in the Bali heat. I think we raced the one slide about 10 times to come up with gold, silver, and bronze place. Too tired to continue hiking those stairs 2 at a time to the top, we scootered home for a much needed nap.

Today, was our last day on the beach. Tomorrow we head back to Hong Kong. Our pals went their separate ways, so we took it easy lounging on the beach and watched the surf competition out front of the hotel. A relaxing end to a fun two weeks.

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