Beach Party

Group shot

On our last day in Oceanside, we had to spend it well. Josh headed out for an early morning surf with his buddy Kirk and Rylie and I went walking along the coast on the upper boardwalk for a nice view. Since we can’t go for walks on the beach with Nixon without getting a hefty fine, we went for one the afternoon prior without him, for the first time since arrival.

After nap we got to celebrate our friends’ birthday on the beach. Rylie’s buddy AJ turned one, so we went down, let the kids tear around in the sand, and play with some balloons, while we took some photos. Of course, AJ got to devour his own chocolate cupcake, which he seemed to enjoy. Later, we had a nice dinner outside with friends, though the evening air was pretty chilly, it was our last night together before we head off to Palm Springs for the next month.