It Began With a Sneeze – San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge

Today’s events started out with Nixon waking Rylie up from her nap after a measly 35 minutes when he sneezed and his head made a thundering boom on the floor. We weren’t running for the ferry today, but instead opted to take a driving tour through San Francisco in our own vehicle; Boss Hog. So out we went, including Nixon. The first snag was our GPS on Josh’s phone wasn’t picking up, and his data plan had expired (unlimited, was in fact limited). Unfortunately for us the TomTom also crapped out so I was navigating via written instructions on the phone while feeding the three of us and entertaining a baby in the back seat.

First stop was a fabulous park overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge. We went for a bit of a walk, took some photos and enjoyed the view and sunshine. It was hot today.

Second stop was tweaked when we got a bit lost, but then reacquainted once we found our city map crumpled at the bottom of the backpack. Phew. We followed the tour down past Golden Gate Park, and into the Haight-Ashbury district. Unfortunately the best parking we could find was a meter near the McDonalds and the largest population of hippie bum homelessness on one crazy corner you could find.

I was not a fan of the atmosphere, but we took a walk down a few blocks anyway. The shops were kinda neat with lots of vintage clothing, authentic delicious smelling food, and odd knickknacks. Nixon couldn’t get enough of the smells, as most of the shops had open doors. He was a pain in my butt as he poked his nose into every one, while he was tied around my waist so I could have a free hand to snap some photos. Rylie rode in style (and in favour of) the carrier, although we pushed past the protest to get her into it today.

Elizabeth (the TomTom) was resurrected at this stop, with a pencil in the reset hole, thankfully, and we then drove the same hippie street and on to the “painted ladies” (the famous houses in the 80’s tv show full house). We didn’t find them that special, as there were endless victorian style houses in San Fran that were nicer and more interesting to look at.

Then I think Joshs’ goal for the day was to take Boss Hog down the tight and curvy, extremely steep and winding Lombard street. We made it, but I’m sure we were a sight, and there were lots of people snapping photos as we came down the hill. Some even shouted “watch your sides!!!” as we curled back and forth on the switchback. It was a neat little road, with its pretty hydrangeas and cute pruned shrubs, but not worth getting the vehicle damage I was cringing for. A photo would have been good enough for me.

By this time, Rylie had had enough of this long driving day, as we could have expected. I think today was more about the emotional drain, while navigating and entertaining; yesterday more about the physical demands of running, walking, and carrying her around. You really can’t win I guess. All in all, seeing a big city with a little person was a downward spiral starting with our lofty expectations and quickly plummeting downhill to reality. We have a lot to learn when it comes to travelling with a small fry, but, I think this trip has been a great lesson to us.

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