Dusty Trail

The back roads on the way to whitetail lake

Yesterday we packed our little shrew-crew up in the Tacoma (minus poor Nixon as space didn’t allow), along with paddle boards and kayak in tow, and headed to a new found, rather off-the-beaten-path lake with some friends. It was just at the south end of Columbia lake, about 28 km down a dusty, bumpy (Z’s favourite) logging road.

When we arrived, the lake was purely glass, with sparkling blue-green water so smooth you could see the mountains reflection as clear as a Norwegian fjord. About 20 minutes later, or just long enough to unpack 4 kids under age 4 and all their required gear, the wind had picked up making our water bound journey a bit short lived. It was fine heading down wind, but coming back up with the kids sitting on the paddleboards proved to be a tad bit splashy. The two out of three eldest kids were soggy and shivering and a tad bit cranky. Even our “princess who doesn’t WEAR hoodies” wanted her hoodie back on with a clean dry dress.. Little Z was content while toasty and dry riding rear facing in my kayak.

Following the paddle we had a picnic lunch beside the lake, which was nice, but just a bit chilly.

The company was good, the kids had fun, and sometimes you just have to go looking for new things to do. “An adventure!” says Josh… cuz he got to drive the Taco in four wheel drive. Here are my eyes rolling, and cheeks smirking. It would have been a really great spot on a nice sunny day, with less wind, so we might have to “test the waters” at Whitetail lake again one day.

Taco and friends
Taco and friends

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