Fall Photos


Summer has come and gone, and we’re now back to the city and in the thick of fall routines. Ry goes back to school this year, for 4 year old preschool three times a week, and both girls are enjoying gymnastics once a week. Josh has started back into architecture, and I’ve committed to a local spin studio for my share of spare time. Officially my nursing licence is ending with the month of September, so while I’m strongly considering my other options, I’m also still subconsciously debating my past decisions. Since the weather has been really nice, including a really hot summer, we’ve yet to decide our travel plans for this year. While I’ve got a big travel itch, after being inspired by the “Almost Fearless” magazine (for parents who love to travel), Josh just wants to escape winter, so finding a compromise there will be the likely game plan.  This is our last big year before “real” school starts, so I want to do something worthy before we feel committed to being a bit (yes, just a bit) more tied down.

The other day we headed down to North Glenmore Park for some fall colour photos. Since we are heading to Victoria this week, we didn’t want to miss out if there was a cold snap to destroy the leaves before we had a chance. 

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