I just finished my LAN airline snack (some crackers, a lemon cake, and the largest caramel filled chocolate I’ve ever seen). Yes. Most airlines in other countries aren’t cheap like ours in Canada. They offer things like no fees to change your flight, and amazingly, snacks. Security at the airport however, was definitely not a strong point. Oh well, I feel pretty safe here. No issues.

We’re on our way back Lima from Areuipa, and because I don’t think there’s much left to see before we head back home, I can probably start to sum up a few things. I’ll do it like the Dalai Llama:

Firstly, Peru has some great sights:

I thought that Mach Picchu was a pretty amazing place. I think that as time goes on though, and it gets to be even more popular and crowded, it will loose some of its appeal. As access becomes easier, I think that is inevitable.

The lake at Titicaca was dissappointing to me ONLY because we did not have a chance to explore the islands like we had planned to, due to illness, but staying near the lake our hotel we could appreciate the surroundings.

The Colca Canyon was drier than you can possibly imagine any desert to be, and with that said the views and the scenery were breathtaking, but so was inhaling the dust on the road all the way there.

Secondly, Josh and I both enjoyed Cusco and Arequipa, both had their uniqueness, considering architecture, cathedrals, the main plaza’s, and the people. We can both agree also, that altitude and dryness are not our friend, and we prefer to be near the ocean, and in a more tropical location. I’m sure our parents will be pleased to know we can cross this country off or list as a place to call home. A lovely place, with very friendly people, and lots going for it, only the climate just isn’t quite right.

And Lastly, I like to travel, but I sort of prefer having the experience behind me. It’s exciting to look forward to a trip, and its fun to talk about how it went. Then during travel there’s the experiences you enjoy, and the ones that you could care less about doing. I do often stop myself while away somewhere and think “wow, I’m in….” which makes me think, wow, I’m so lucky to be here right now, even if I am dirty, can’t breath, am starving, or frustrated, etc.

Speaing of minor frustration, to continue on with our day from yesterday. We walked past a nice looking Italian restaurant in the afternoon and decided to go back to eat there for dinner. Looks can be deceiving however, and you should think through your order choice, before you realize you picked a bad one. I ordered the 4 cheese lasagna, which could be delicious at first thought, then you try to think of all the cheese choices in the country, I should have done that first… there’s Andrean squeaky cheese (with moldy edges; gross), there’s goat cheese, and maybe mozzarella, but after that I’m at a loss. It looked amazingly yummy, and I wanted to eat it.

Well, I have to say I can’t stand goat cheese, and when mixed with squeaky Andean cheese (i’m sick of it) a gross combination sat in front of me. I forked down about 3.5 bites, swallowing them down with warm lemonade. Josh shared his ravioli with me, which also wasn’t that great. Good thing the portions were so big, it looked like we didn’t eat anything. That is one risk of travellng; that you never know what kind of food you are going to get, and you might end up hungry even after a meal. That, I guess, is the fun of it all.

And why would anyone choose a cold drink when they could have a warm one?! I am being sarcastic, and I am not sure what the reasoning behind this is, whether travelers don’t trust ice, so they don’t use it, electricity is too expensive, or ice isn’t available. But, you would think at restaurants this would not be an issue. Wrong. A girl just wants a cold drink. She can’t have one until on the airplane. Refreshing sigh.

This morning we headed back down by the plaza before checkout to see the Casa del Moral, a boroque mansion near the convent. It was okay to browse through to see the furniture,and courtyard, and make the floors squeak!

Then we went to another cathedral just kiddy-corner from the main one on the square, which we actually thought was more impressive and detailed. And, its free to wander through as well.


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