Grand slam

I am feeling a bit sorry for all the vacationers that are only here for one week, namely this week, as so far the weather has been disappointing at best for those who come to worship the sun for a brief 7 day period. Monday was mediocre and cloudy, although still do-able, yesterday, as forecasted it poured rain all day, then let up for about 2 hours, before once again downpouring more than I ever thought possible in the “winter” (which we’ve heard only gets about 2 days of rain per year; so far we’ve seen 4 bits of rain). Just when I thought it couldn’t rain any longer, the pool is overflowingly full (7 inches fuller at least than before), I had taken Nixon out for the last night time pee, and shortly after, the wind picked up and whistled and howled through the cracks, bowing the single pane glass doors, the palm trees were sucked straight upwards, and the rain was torrential. The power flickered on and off a couple times before going out for the rest of the night. We’d heard of these Mexican type storms before but did not expect them at this time of year. After talking with some other condo dwellers near by, no one had expected this mini-type hurricane, especially the people living out on the boats in La Cruz harbour. We’ve heard tales of broken masts, fallen trees, and windows shattering in town, and have witnessed the mess of bushes, trees and flowers being strewn all over. What a mess the “red shirts” have to keep them busy today. The pool guy is out in full force scooping out debris, and the “jean” guys are out in the golf cart doing whatever they do. There are neat little piles of carnage all over the property, but the power is back on, and the water is working well. We’re pretty impressed by both the storm and the quick clean up. The weather today is cloudy, with a bit of a gloom post storm and I wonder how different it would seem if the sun came out in full force today as if to say “I’m sorry about yesterday”. But no.

Nixon hasn’t even asked to go in the pool today, or yesterday, and it really surprises me that a dog that LOVES water so intensely can HATE rain so much. He pouts on our walks as the rain gets him just a little bit damp, not enough to get through his otter-like coat. I guess if he’s not hot, he doesn’t feel the need to swim. I like it.

In surfing news, I am not really friends with my board right now, and I’ve threatened that the most action its going to get is riding home on the roof of the car. I had another bad day on monday, with Punta de Mita as crowded as we’ve ever seen it, I counted 20 people at most, and 12 when I was out there. The waves weren’t even that good, but nothing makes me more nervous than being crammed in the water floating in the middle of “experienced” surfers and “rookies” that are worse off than me and don’t know the rules, or where to float, or how to move out of my way. I don’t have the arm strength or the ability to maneover around anyone which adds to the frustration. I understand this is part of surfing, but its something I wasn’t prepared to deal with on that particular occasion.  The anxiety was the worst I’ve ever felt, and from the start I’d had a bad feeling about the day, which was absolutely the wrong approach. I knew I needed to change the attitude, but I wasn’t ready to do it. I admit I am terribly afraid of the ocean, and I think I might need a day of coaching to get me back in the game. I’ve decided its not that I can’t catch a wave, and its not that I can’t paddle or stand up when I’ve got it, its more my ability to recover after being pummled that is lacking. I am easily bummed and discouraged especially after a hefty slam-after-slam (its that Beattie temper that gets brewing). What I really think I need is a few days rest, and a good storm to ensure that would happen, as Josh was keen and eager to go yesterday as well. Some pre-surf mental preparation might be an order for our next go-round.

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