Hello march

So far, I’m really liking the month of March. This week we’ve had 2 great days on the waves, with consistent, good sized waves in short but efficient sets. They’ve rolled all the way along from the rocky patch to the jetty, so anyone can catch a wave along its stretch, not to mention, there’s a deeper break and an inside break (perfect for me to stay away from everyone else). Josh and I both caught at least a half dozen good waves each on either day, so I think we’re both feeling like things are finally progressing. I’m not sure if it’s us, the timing of a swell, or that the waves have actually approved (as I’ve heard they do with the season).  I’m just hoping that luck continues because we only have a few short weeks left to reach our goal of a dozen more surf days.

In reflecting on the last two months and the goals that I’ve set for coming here, it’s really time to gear down and get those done. Surfing is one of those things. Learning spanish is another one, and I can’t say its been a neglected goal, but more one of opportunity and time. Living in a complex with mostly english speaking residents, the only time I get to use it is when out at a restaurant ordering food, chatting with the local surf kids on the waves, or briefly at the PEACE clinics. I wish we had time to do some spanish lessons with an instructor or group, but scheduling those has been difficult if not impossible, so Rosetta (online spanish) has been the main learning medium, only just this week (with the coming of March) I’ve hunkered down to get through another level. I do make a point of looking mystery words up in my english/spanish dictionary while on the road, or on package directions or shopping for food, and I have learned tonnes of words, yet not that, nor watching subtitles on tv has been able to correct what I put together. Anyway, I think I’ll be more motivated here than at home for sure, so we gotta get some more Rosetta done.

Another goal I had was to get in better shape, because I figured I’d have a lot of time (when, i’m not sure…) whether that was from surfing, or swimming, or going to the gym at the complex to run or spin. However, I haven’t run in almost 2 months for a few reasons (broken treadmill, too hot, very hilly, sore knees…excuses), and the bike at the gym I use, but let’s just say it’s not the same as a spin bike. Yoga, swimming laps in the pool, and surfing have been decently consistent but I don’t think my soccer team would appreciate my cardiovascular health at this time, nor would I survive a spin class. That’s okay, I guess its good to change things up. The bikes, flat ground, and cooler temperatures will wait for me till I get home.

Sailing lessons have been underway, with at least one more long afternoon at sea with some stronger winds. We have really enjoyed those so far!

Last goal listed here, but perhaps the most important, was our volunteering. Up until now, its been a little disappointing, but this month (once again, in March) we have a number of good activities planned with PEACE, including a few more weeks of spay and neuter clinics which we both quite enjoy doing. I’ll wait until after to report on those.

With just under 6 weeks left, we’ve still got alot to do. I am hoping it doesn’t go as fast as I think it will.

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