Hurry up and wait

The last 10 days have been particularly taxing, especially in my opinion. As a planner personality I am finding it troubling that we have NO plans.

Nixon just finished his 3rd treatment of ear drops, 10 days worth, twice per day for a bilateral yeast related ear infection. He’s completely lost all trust in me (more than Josh) and if he sees us coming near his ears he does a very unthreatening low growl to discourage us from coming close to pin him and attack with the little white bottle that he has very clearly come to recognize. His chipped tooth from unknown origin still needs removing next week, and possibly despite his wacky blood results indicating abnormal kidney function, also of unknown cause. He’s booked into the kennel in the event we are lucky enough to head to China in 2 weeks, and hopefully his ears remain okay, that is, if they are better at all (our technique for drops may be strongly and rightly criticized).

On the home front, our first offer on a townhouse is going to court on tuesday so we will find out whether that will pan out. Unlikely though, due to the fact that the other bidder made a rediculously high offer. We found another brand new townhouse building that looks fantastic, although the biggest problem is that right now its DIRT. Not great, considering we’re homeless. The project release was this morning and so we camped out for 2 hours to make sure that we got our first pick of unit and building, which we did.  Yay. Finally success, partial anyway, and then we learn that possession on our building may not be until next June. A YEAR away! Hoping they are wrong, although we may have to consider a year long option to a) rent somewhere b) do the motorhome tour around all the Calgary Walmarts and campgrounds or c) expat ourselves to some great other country for a year. Option C is most unlikely. So, we wait for more answers on both deposits.

China could be nearing. We are WAITING to book our flights until we talk to the vet and get the deal on Nixon’s kidney and ear issues. The visa’s are filled out, and the flights have been chosen. We are tentatively scheduled to fly to Beijing in about 2 weeks. Crossing the fingers on that one, and hoping that this earthquake aftermath clears up and doesn’t lead to more tremors when we’re there. One shaker in Mexico was enough. Not to mention we’re supposed to go surfing in Bali for a couple weeks during our trip… no tsunami’s either please. Mom has protested… “why can’t you guys just go somewhere safe?”… haha.. like, nowhere?! Global issues are complicated and discouraging at best, but we’re not prepared to stay home and let fear and worry win. Places to go, things to do, people to see. 

Anyway, hopefully in the next week or so things will come together and I might get a PLAN. : )

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