Merry Triple Christmas

We’re a little late getting this post up, but merry triple Christmas!

This year, like years previous we celebrated Christmas three times. The first, on Christmas Eve at Auntie Andreas (Jocelyn’s side), the second at our house (Christmas morning), and the third at Auntie Jami’s (Christmas afternoon – Josh’s family). The three events make for a busy two days, and require a week post Christmas for recovery for Mom and Dad.

Beattie Christmas (Andrea Style)

Jocelyn’s sister hosted us for Christmas eve at her new acreage home south of Calgary. Joining them was Tim’s family from out east (PEI).

What’s Christmas without the family photo? Its crazy to see how much the kids grow from year to year.

Zo taking in her first Christmas.

At what point do kids really need gifts for Christmas? It seems you go to all this work to find the perfect gift, and they enjoy the box and paper more than what’s inside.

Grandparents are notoriously hard to purchase for, so this year we had a custom picture book made up for them. We used the website Mixbook, they provide awesome templates that you can customize yourself or just drag and drop photos into. It was a hit with all the grandparents, as evident by the tears of joy running down their cheeks.

Nixon awaiting his chance to open presents, as he’s a big Christmas fan.

Rylie helping Auntie Andrea with her gift. I think she enjoyed opening presents more than the actual gifts inside.

Christmas at home

Before heading over to Josh’s sisters house the girls opened gifts from us and Santa. It’s interesting watching your kids experience the magic of Christmas. I think we enjoy it more then the girls, that’t not something we would have expected prior to having children.

Love this photo of Zo. Ry was busying going through her stocking and showing off her gifts, so Zo lifts her stocking name tag into the air, as to say “look what I got.” She was so proud. We had a good laugh.

Christmas 3 – Auntie Jami’s

Take 100. As the family gets larger, and you add more kids to the mix it gets harder and harder to get a good family photo. This one was the winner.

Emma trying on Auntie Jami’s new basket.

Uncle Bob sporting an excellent ugly Christmas sweater.

In two days we’re off on a camping/motorhome adventure to the southern hemisphere with the girls. A lovely 14 hour plane ride, complete with 20 hour time warp into the future with these two should be a snap. Let’s just say our comfort zone is about to implode!

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