Off the beaten path

View of Bergen Norway

Day 2 in Norway and no lefse in sight…. What a tragedy to travel this far to the “motherland” and Josh to not find any.

Today we wandered Bergen, it’s architecture a unique combo of Parisian and Dutch, with a bit of maritime flare. The Bryggen area with wooden houses or tenements built in the 1700’s were a definite sight to see with their extremely sunken doorways, lopsided stairs and uneven wood floors; all being used as shops and also a neat museum set up as a merchant house!

We’re usually lucky enough to find cool stuff off the beaten path. like today, a cute little laid back hippie style coffee shop outfitted with random antique furniture and lights, wacky nic-nack accessories, and playing some great oldie 70’s hits. Here, we were lazy and enjoyed a beverage and some waffles, leaving just prior to feeling nappish.

The afternoon took us up a funicular for a great view of the city. We chose to walk back down through a series of switchbacks for a nice 1 hour “hike” through the wooded park high above the city.

Dinner lacked lefse but was still tasty as we munched at a local diner/pub with great people watching 180 degree views of the square. An evening stroll with a camera was enough to capture a few more cool daylight shots at the hour of 9pm!

Tomorrow we’re off to the Lillehammer area in search of some Setter family heritage…