On the look out

It’s currently 4:30 in the afternoon, and yes, I’m inside hacking away on the computer, trying to watch tv on the painfully slow internet connection. Outside, the dark ominous clouds have started to roll in, after a teaser of morning sun and no breeze. The wind has picked up to the point I’ve closed the windows and have changed into sweats. The weeks forcast indicates disappointingly similar weather, clouds, and heavy rain for thursday. Hopefully the spay/neuter clinics go ahead as planned and we aren’t outside, but who knows, we won’t until tomorrow.
The last few days have been quiet, and I’m feeling counter-productive. I could do more laundry, or clean the house, or go to the gym again, or….I don’t feel like doing those things. It’s actually been a little too chilly to sit by the pool and read. No waves to surf, and no clinics to help with.  No baking to be made! And what a perfect day for it. I found normal sugar today. Fancy that.
We’ve been browsing online lately on MLS lookng for a potential home. The only trouble is, well, Josh. If there’s such a thing as overly practical, he fits the bill. I suggest, then he comes up with reasons it will not work, and today I decided we won’t be buying a home, because we’re (he is) just too picky. That’s too expensive, too small, THAT builder, those cabinets, bad layout, poor investment, too new, too old, too nice to reno, too many stairs… blah blah blah and the list goes on. You’d think he’s in the housing industry. Huh. He WAS. It should be me being picky, but my wish list is actually pretty short, or at least it seems. Location, and if its not to my liking, the possibility of a kitchen and bathroom reno. I’d like to downsize from before, and spend a lot less. It is very possible, in my opinion, that we won’t be buying a preowned house. I offered the idea of a motorhome as a joke. He said “how about a tent”. I think that means it could be a while before we find the “perfect” place. I agree.

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