Out Of Order

Let’s talk about flights, shall we?! Oh, deja vu, that was a subject just recently talked about. Well, our return flights from New York were interesting as well. Silly planner girl thought that we had to be at the airport 2 hours prior to leaving since we were flying international, but this silly girl didn’t think about the connection to Chicago, so we got to sit in the airport for a long while waiting for the flight to take off.

The Newark airport was small and it bothered me hygienically. The bathroom toilets were so obnoxious with their over active flush sensitivity mechanism that you just walked into the stall and it flushed the longest most forceful disgusting flush while you turned your back to wait for it to finish while trying to prevent toilet butt spray in your face and all over your clothes. Finally it finishes, and you pop a squat (because the toilets are always peed on in this local; dirty people!) when it flushes AGAIN, not once, but twice. I’m so grossed out, and to make matters worse, we’re waiting at the airport in this small wing of the terminal with one dirty washroom for an extended period not only because we arrived early, but because after waiting 30 minutes after our flight was supposed to leave they announced that the lavatory on the plane (the ONLY one) was not working and maintenance had attempted and failed to fix the issue. Fly on this flight at your own risk, but there will be no bathroom, and p.s there will be no beverage service either.

So, for the third visit to the bathroom I got to wait in line behind a dozen other ladies on the flight that might need to drain the bladder before boarding. I was actually trying to wait until I got on the plane to use the toilet because I thought it would be a more pleasant experience, believe it or not. Everyone seemed to get on the plane actually, no one opted to stay back and take the next flight, even the family with the school age girl with the most congested wet germy cough sitting across the waiting area from us not covering her mouth. Darn.

The best part about the flight back was on the second flight from Chicago home when we landed in Calgary and the flight attendant (who was quite upbeat and humorous) announced that she was proud to have us land 30 minutes early at 915 pm to make up to those people who were supposed to have arrived the DAY BEFORE!!! Man, does Air Canada seem awesome now.

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