So far I love this place, our little rented condo nuzzled between Bucerias and Las Cruz. It’s just beautiful here, very green, manicured gardens, a quiet beach, and refreshing pools here and there. I can’t believe how quiet it is around here, you might be the only sole walking around the complex, or sitting at the pool. We decided to take it easy or the first few days after the long drive, and to try to get Nixon into his new routine. One look out the back patio (his little plunge pool) and he was sold on the place when we told him it was home for now. We really didn’t have a choice, but to take it easy, as the laptop fell off the armrest of the couch the morning after we arrived. It broke. How isolated we felt, as we’d talked to the families over the past few days, and Los Mochis didn’t have internet, so we already felt we were overdue to report in. Thank goodness for X-box, that was our communication for the last 9 days with josh’s brother on modern warefare, and facebook we managed to put our order in for Ken and Deb to bring us a new lap top. Thank Goodness. Thecomputers don’t come cheap or well made here and we couldn’t find a place to fix the old one. Yesterday, we were reconnected with the world at last. : )

Highlights of the week: picked up our NEW custom surfboards made by Marco (ATL surfboards) is Guadalahara, beautiful, even with our names on the back; tested them out on thursday; made a point of doing laps in the pool everyday; tried to workout at the gym here, but slightly disappointed with facility; took Nixon running, also disappointed as its VERY hilly, perhaps we’ll run on the beach instead; Nixon got very aquainted with his pool, no other comments, he’s retarded but cute; have tried to cook a meagre dinner in the kitchen, but have had a lot of “white trash” meals as josh calls them (minimal effort, easy… like KD or tuna melts, not melted); went out for mexican quesadillas; had tacos on the beach, ate ice cubes, no comment (banos please); and that pretty much sums it up. This week Josh’s parents are intown, so we’ll do some more exciting things, a snorkel trip, some touristy shop browsing, daquiri drinking, beach sitting, etc. Next week, let the volunteering begin, and more surfing.

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