IMG_2744They say that the worst time to visit Prague is on a weekend, well, not only can I imagine why, I have witnessed it. The crowds have been some of the worst for volume I ever recall seeing, with masses of tour groups hogging side walks like oblivious space cases, and doddlers lolligagging along with no regard for their surroundings or others trying to pass. Nonetheless, we slowly and sometimes impatiently trudged through in an effort to check the main attractions off our to see list.



Some of these worth while items on my best list include the St Vitus Cathedral inside the Prague Castle gates (other areas that could have been lovelly were smudged in my view by the crowds), The St Charles Bridge (though at sunrise and sunset it didn’t receive my viewing pleasure as they recommend), The main Old Town Square and all its buildings, statues, and of course the astronomical clock with tower (I recommend the “climb” for the view, in the fancy shmancy not so charming elevator), and the Spanish Synagogue located in the Old Jewish Quarter (was the most impressive of the bunch with very impressive detailing, though photos are not allowed, I was a rebel).


The food, let’s discuss. Well, there’s meat, meat and more meat, with a slice of bread, a grand selection of weiners, cooked muticolored types of cabbage, dumplings, and beer, and of course a large far of italian food like pasta, pizza, and gelato. It’s often measured in weight, especially from the vendors, which is decieving for the unknowing visitor who plans their meal around the change in their pocket, thinking they can get more for their buck that it seems. This, making grumpy faces on those selling food by having to return a portion of the selection. Ie. Ham shaved freshly off a pig on a spit because instead of it being 89 Kn’s it was 334 Kn’s (a differenct of $15)!!! That was snack night instead as our pocket change could only buy a sausage and a crepe. I will say that this issue was my fault for leaving the room unprepared and unfamiliar with the new currency, only armed with a Visa, and a few dollars. Yesterday I was SO looking forward to delicious gelato for 50 Kn ($2.60) when we got the cone and realized the ice cream portion was half the size of a golf ball. The waffle cone was nearly empty. Pout! I burned the calories of that by just licking it. So sad, as I could hardly recall eating it.


Anyway, tomorrow we drive to Krakow Poland, stopping on the way to see the Aushwitcz concentration camp, in which I may see in a different light after seeing mom’s maiden surname (with about 15 people under it ) printed with thousands of others on the wall of the Jewish Synagogue of those who lost their lives in camps during the war. After thinking mom’s side was mostly German, I note that there could have been Jewish in the mix as well. Very interesting.