Radium Classic Car Show

Radium Classic Car Show

This past Sunday we decided to head on down to Radium to check out the classic car show. It featured over 900 classic cars, and was hosted by the Radium Springs Golf Course.

Upon arrival in Radium we quickly realized this event must easily be the biggest in Radium. There are cars and people everywhere, with almost no parking. A quick tour around town in search of a spot, we lucked out and found one right beside the kids park. It wasn’t your basic kids park, it was one of the best parks we’ve ever seen. Ry wasn’t about to let us walk by, so we stopped, rode he slide a few times. They also had one of those awesome 5 person steel horses that rocked. We took it for a little spin as well.

After we were parked out, we made our way over to the car show. There is something funny about mixing the classic car crowd with a golf course. Its kind of a collision of two opposites. On one side you have the mullet, tattooed, tattered jean car dudes, on the other you have the clean cut, well spoken, up-tight golfers. I think the only thing they have in common is the beer gardens.

The cars were excellent, I think we took well over 100 photos. Ry did great, she rocked the stroller and checked out the cars with us. She even made a little friend while we took a break from the hot sun and lounged by the putting green.

Here is a quick rundown of some of the rides: