Russia, yeah!

Church of the Savior on Blood

Full points for the high speed railway express from Helsinki to St Petersburg. Those 3.5 hours of my life went by this morning faster than I could close my eyes for a quick nap (and ugh, we were up at 5am). By the time we had our passports, visas, and tickets checked and stamped on 3 occasions, it was nearly time to get off. It was clean, punctual and comfortable, and reached speeds of around 200km/hr for a good portion of the journey.

We were able to navigate through the best time warp metro ever, once off the train, and for the low price of $1.00 each you sunk into the earth on a 4 minute super steep escalator complete with ultra retro decor. The rickety train was fast, crowded, and went way faster than its age would suggest.

A few blocks walk with close attention to addresses we were able to pick out our tiny little hotel sign on a busy, crowded, and grimey looking Main Street of a million othe