Shopping mexi sytle

It seems as though every forth time we go out doing errands we come back with something we needed, either it wasn’t at the place we were shopping, or we forgot to look for it. Some of these items include dog food, yoga mat, and salt. The other times we come back with stuff that we can use, but wasn’t really on the list. Today we did a few errands and had about the same luck.

First stop: Farmacia- this after my stomach was not as happy this morning as I’d hoped, and after recalling that prescriptions are not necessary to get some handy drugs. Today, I was priveledged enough to purchase some Maxeran over the counter for my ailing gut (with no prescription), which is also could come in handy for those migraines that won’t subside. How handy!

Second stop: well, we didn’t actually find it, and its not the first time we’ve set out to find something with perfect directions and gone home empty handed (first time was for the laptop repair shop). So, today we were hunting for a vet with dog food and other supplies, but since there doesn’t seem to be any road signs we could use, we found ourselves back on the tiny, bumpy roads of PV with me holding the belly. We gave up on that search as soon as we realized we didn’t have a clue what road we were on. We found one by accident, although there stock was limited to small dog food, in very small bags.

Sam’s club: We were able to get a day pass for 50 pesos ($5.00) so we stocked up on a bunch of cereal, chicken, soup, juice, water, etc. And, on another shopping note, I haven’t seen a number of things that I want (brown sugar, chocolate chips, flavored rice cakes, granola bars with chocolate, soy sauce, and SALT) not to say they aren’t available, but I haven’t had much luck so far. But not only that, I keep buying things without really looking at the label and come home to find STRAWBERRY Quik mix not chocolate, CRUSHED tomatoes not sauce, LOW CAL sugar instead of regular, and CHEWY jolly ranchers not hard. Before this gastro plagued me I had a irresistible craving for homemade chocolate chip cookies, and for a couple of days it might be shoved to the back of my mind. Oh, and we got Nixon some generic el-cheapo dog food because we’re almost out, and we didn’t want to go home empty handed on that.

Super Walmart: Stop number 3, was for a cheese grater to improve our nacho making capabilities, a yoga mat (YAY i found one) and some vegetables.

Vet: We had seen this vet, on the east side of the Bucerias highway, a number of times along the way but we knew it was small and may not have what we were looking for, however we were in luck, and to keep Nixon’s belly full and his waste to a minimum we would mix the el-cheapo with the vet brand (which we learned was double the price here in Mx, or 640 pesos for a medium/10 kg bag). Finally after about 6 stops browsing for doggy food we came home with a supply to last a while. Good thing Nixon’s a garbage can and not a picky eater.

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