Sick. just sick

Well, we’ve been back home for about 36 hours. Jet lag pretty much sucks. Working nights is easier, by far. We picked up Nixon from his new kennel, and he seemed to have enjoyed himself, if dirtiness is any indication. He had just come in from playing in the rain, and was absolutely gross. So we took him to the farm and hosed him down before taking him home to the shower. Poor guy is sulking around the house, bored I guess, and relieved of stress, and last night we noticed his limbertail happening again. It makes him sad that he can’t wag!

I’ll only briefly mention weather due to the angering fact that we didn’t expect any more snow, or to have to wear winter coats again. We are experiencing a record cold with a lot of snow. That’s it. We’ve had it. Consider this year “Operation: Where to Move”.

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