I had high hopes for Tofino to be a bustling surf town something like Sayulita, but it sure wasn’t. A bit disappointing I have to say. The top photo was the surfing beach just a few minutes DRIVE from the town. The beach was quite pretty, with soft clean sand, a light mist, and waves that were just about right. There were a few surfers out there with full wet suits, mitts, booties, and head covers. Brr. The water was 55. We barely wakeboard in drysuits at that temp. Yikes.

Back in town there were some neat little shops to puruse through, a delicious cafe (or two) to have a bite to eat while watching the flow of people, traffic, and bikes make their way through, but that cost $30 for both of us (2 sandwiches, 2 coffees, and a brownie). Yikes. I was disappointed that you can’t walk from the town to the beach, and the view from the town to the ocean consisted of a fish farm (something I’ve recently learned more about, and am not a fan of what i heard) and some industrial shops. I guess from my visit I can’t make too much judgment, for we only stayed a couple of hours and it is more or less “off season” now. But, I would have to go back again to see what others get so excited about. Maybe its the surfing and the quiet relaxing atmosphere of the resorts nearby. Perhaps its the weather in the summer, or the fact that you can cruise around on your bicycles, or simply enjoy the small town feel.  


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