On the road

Currently parked in our camper van at a beautiful beach, I write to you. Inspired by white sand, deep blue sea. It’s the cool summer breezes that cut the hot air, and the much needed peace and quiet that comes with nap time. And just like that, its over. Nap that is.

They say that its not about the destination, but instead the journey. The road is rarely smooth, and those nasty bumps in the road are frustrating and annoying at the time, but make for a pretty decent story when you look back and reflect. Note to self, typing isn’t as quiet as you would think. It wakes babies…

One of many Waiheke island beaches

Anyway, whenever you seek adventure with children you should expect hiccups of any type. I could write a whole blog about this, but for now the hiccups I predicted all came true. With a toddler and a baby having completely different sleep requirements and time schedules that is complicated at home, one can only imagine the struggle that occurs while in a tiny house with wheels.

At night when we try to settle to bed, its often hot, noisy and not yet dark. In the wee hours of the morning, its very chilly, really dark, and with no outside noise or sound machines to muffle the turning and shuffling of us in our beds, and/or the baby making full on wails, or cute morning chit chat.

A little alone time is good for everyone.

The first three nights in the wheelhouse we spent with no hookups on Waiheke Island at Poukaraka Flats. We tossed around whether it would be worth the steep fee for the ferry but in the end we went because he hadn’t thought past our next location. We also heard great things about it.

The island is much bigger than expected, and very hilly. With great scenic views, shelly beaches and deep blue water, we found it reminded us of many other places we’ve been. Oneroa town was quite cute and we enjoyed a nice but expensive brunch ($22 for one meal), and afterwards poked in the shops.

Decorative mail boxes

Travelling with two kids has definitely been a challenge thus far (but still great, we’re in New Zealand after all) but just slow. We definitely don’t cover ground like we use to, so we’re adjusting daily to ensure everyone is napped, and Ry gets some play time at the beach or playground. This means it just takes longer to accomplish our goals, or we have to prioritize the things we really want to do.

We had plans for some great nature walks around the island pathway system, and to beach hop to the best beaches around. However, reality was a two hour jaunt (longer then we thought), a few dead roads and/or a lack of campervan parking. In the end, we just settled for a partial island tour and a day at the beach we’d previously visited. We set up the beach tent, chased the slow rolling waves, collected pink sea shells, dug seats into the sand, watched sail boats circle the harbour and just hung for the day. It was a nice relaxing end to a stressful morning of driving.

The van pulled alongside the beach
Bird lady… I think its the hat

Post beach clean up

Tomorrow we head back across to the the mainland and up into the northland.

In motion seating arrangement… maybe a little to close.


  1. Brings back memories of when Grandma and Grandpa and then Granny and Granddad visited Andrew and me in NZ and we traveled by camper van around the islands. Maybe they remember having the same challenges with us kids as you are with Rylie and Zoe – I’ll have to ask 🙂

    Love you. Travel safe!!

  2. Love your blog!! Keep it going and keep having amazing adventures!

  3. Thanks Lori.
    We like writing it, it’s sort of our family photo album complete with stories and will be fun to look back upon.

  4. Kids and travelling can be interesting at times that for sure, but the memories are well worth the challenge. Wouldn’t change it for anything…. I say this as Ry slept terrible last night, and has been in full tantrum mode since waking.

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