10 days till Hawaii

You know its time for a holiday or a trip when your patience with your patients (actually more their families) begins to decrease, and your sympathometer get’s low. Well, that’s how I’m feeling this week, as the emergency waits have shown full blown signs of worry warts in winter with coughs, fevers, and redonculous snowboarding injuries.

But today, hooray, as we changed our flights to extend our Hawaii trip for an extra week. We’re heading to Oahu for the first bit of our trip, and meeting up with the family in Maui after that. It’s been 17 years since I’ve been to Maui, and never to Oahu, and for Josh, a similarily long time for both.

This past weekend, Josh and I did an introductory photography course so we can start to use our SLR to its full potential. We took this downtown through The Camera Store. Although the class size was large, it was definitely worth going just to learn about all those fancy buttons on the camera that you just thought were there to look nice and look techy. It will take some practice though, and I think we’ll have lots of time to play with it in Hawaii.

And, I’m getting pretty good at diappointment, as last week I had another consulation for eye surgery. My third in 10 years. People sure like to say “no” to me, especially when its something I REALLY want. Actually, I kind of lied, they said “maybe” then made me wait another agonizing 3 days to find out that “sorry, we mean no”. For Pete’s sake. I’m not taking no for an answer this time, and I’m going to do some more research and talk to a friends who’s in a similar situation but hunted places down until they said “yes”.

We got notice today that I’m going to be stepping in as Executor for dad’s estate now, since our main man is sick, but I think we’re in good shape with lots of support and with most of the grunt work done up to this point.  And although I feel somewhat stressed about this, I think its possible there’s more to come when I learn about things I actually need to do still.

Its’ strange how busy and stresssed I feel, but when I sit down to blog, there’s not much to put into words. We are progressing in all aspects of our lives, slowly and surely, but it seems as though nothing is getting finished.

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