Winter blah

Calgary Weather: -11 and snowing (with a snowfall warning, awesome)

Well, before we chat, I should really apologize for not blogging in 2 months. I actually can’t believe its been that long…We got home from Peru and there was a lot going on, some to tell about, some not to tell about, just yet.

Last year at this time we were hanging out in Mexico, a three month window of hot weather, surfing, relaxing, and not worrying about snow fall warnings, but instead reading the tides and deciding which swim suit to wear. You’d think that this year we’d be HATING winter, and although I can tell you I am FAR from liking it, its not as bad when you know you’re not going away to some warm blissful location for an extended period. You’re stuck here in the cold, so make the best of it.

So, Josh and I have used our snow pants more than ever before; we’ve discovered the secret to tolerating this climate. Having an energetic lab makes you go out, twice a day for half an hour, regardless of the -30 weather and piling snowdrifts up to your knees and sometimes thighs or chest.  Our treadmill has been also seeing more action this year, with four big hairy yellow feet.

We’ve had some really cold snaps, but thanks to our close proximity to the mountains we’ve been lucky to have a few chinooks, and although they bring the worst headache’s along with them, they melt the snow and tease us with spring jackets and warm sunshine before the next dump or freeze.

But, I am happy to say after all that cold weather talk, that we’re heading to Maui in a few weeks, with Josh’s family for almost 2 weeks of sun and fun, and hopefully some decent surfing too! Josh has been building a couple of new surfboards that we hope to take along and try out…

Our next foreseeable  travel plans may include New York. Finally. It’s going to be my 30th birthday the first week of April so we thought it might be fun to head there for a shorty just to get away again.

Dare I mention summer? We’re kind of homeless this year when it comes to boating. We gave up our spot in Invermere 3 years ago, and now we’ve sort of given up our place at Koocanusa too. We got rid of the travel trailer at the end of the summer, and were happy to see it go, but as far as our plans go for this year, it might consist of some day trips from town, or perhaps a short stay in Invermere, crashing at a friends place. We’ll see. Unfortunately, the finances aren’t looking too good for a new place this year anyway.

In other news, Josh and I are becoming more and more involved in dad’s estate and the company lately, as we’ve been whacked with the blow of bad leukemia news once more. This time, it has affected our close family friend, and executor of dad’s estate. When we heard the news a couple of weeks ago, it was actually, and unbelievably the same weekend that my dad was diagnosed; January 16th, only 3 years later. What are the chances of that?? It took a few days to become reality in our heads. We are dealing with a mean beast, again.

And for now, we don’t know what the future will hold for us. So much to learn, and so unexpectedly soon. Thank goodness that in the last few months the company has hired a new and very competent, experienced board of directors to help us take it to the next level. We’re pretty excited about that, and more excited to learn as much as we can from them.

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