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Our newborn baby

On Oct 13th 2013 at 10:45pm we welcome our new Daughter into this world at the Rockyview General Hospital here in Calgary.

This being our first child, we tried to do everything right. We attended prenatal classes, well Jocelyn dragged me to them. I didn’t see a need, seeing as Jocelyn is a Registered Nurse in a childrens hospital. Needless to say I grumbly attended all eight classes and did learn a thing or two. Some of it came in handy, like you should start to make your way to the hospital when contractions are 5 minutes apart.

On the day of our daughters birth Jocelyn woke with some cramping. She had been sleeping in our downstairs bedroom (why I can’t recall) but upon my arrival quickly informed me that today was going to be the day. We were both excited and a little nervous but looking forward to the entire process. The morning was relatively laid back, we packed an overnight hospital bag for Jocelyn and arranged to drop our dog Nixon off for a few days at the dog sitters.

By lunch time, Jocelyns cramping was progressing nicely, in fact her contractions were about 5 minutes apart but the pain was mild so we agreed to wait a little longer before proceeding to the hospital. By 5:00 pm we took Nixon for his final walk before dropping him at the sitters, a quick 30 minutes around the community. We then returned home, and I took off with Nixon to the sitters while Jocelyn had a shower and got ready to head to the hospital. Upon my return Jocelyn informed me it was probably time to go, she wanted to make a quick trip to the bathroom before heading out. As I waited in the kitchen, I heard her drop to the floor. She quickly informed me the contractions were very intense, so intense she could no longer stand. We made a quick plan to go from the bathroom to the kitchen, from the kitchen to the foyer, to the foyer to the car. The plan was executed as expected with stops in all three rooms with the exception of Jocelyn falling to her knees three times as she rived in pain from contractions. From there is was into the car and we were off, racing down the road towards the hospital. The pace ramped up about 10 minutes from the hospital as Jocelyn informed me she had the urge to push. I wasn’t about to allow this birth to happen on the side of the freeway, so we put the pedal down weaved our way through the traffic NASCAR style until we reached the hospital. There I quickly parked in front of the hospital in a no parking zone, grabbed a wheel chair and rushed Jocelyn into Labor and Delivery. The admitting clerk didn’t realize the situation, and began the normal admittance process when a Nurse came upon us and quickly realized Jocelyn was in labor. She took Jocelyn back to be assessed while I dashed downstairs to legally park the car. While away, the Nurse realized Jocelyn was already 10 cm and we were on our way to the Delivery Room.

Two hours later, after a little bit of pushing our Daughter was born!



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