Hawaii 2014 Plus One

Josh and Ry

We’ve just returned from a 3 week winter getaway with our Ry to Kauai and Oahu. It was a great trip, a bit different with a little one on board, but great non the less.

We spent the first two weeks on north shore Kauai in the town of Princeville. The weather was a little disappointing as it rained or was overcast for much of the two weeks but we made the best of it, after all we are in Hawaii. The weather is 25 plus degrees. Although travelling with a three month old changes the way you travel; you spend half the day in the hotel room feeding and napping and the other half running around trying to enjoy the island, eat and surf. That turned out to be a lot more challenging then we thought, and we ended up at the pool more than the ocean. Ry loved the pool anyways, we rode the water slide, bobbed up and down and did a little kicking. It was awesome to see her expression as she experience water, the pool and the outdoors.

I managed to get in a little surfing both in Oahu and Kauai, not my usual two a day but maybe 1 out of 2 days. It turned out to be an ok mix between family and surfing. We also did a little shopping and toured some of Kauai. We’ll have to go back to explore the Southern side of Kauai, it was just to far to drive with Ry. She can’t handle anything beyond 30 minutes yet. Next time.

The third week, Jocelyn’s Mom met us on North shore Oahu for week. It gave Ry and Grandma some real bonding time, they played on the beach while we did a little surfing and enjoyed time by the pool. We also did a short walk up to the Waimea water falls and gardens.

Ry really has a way with the middle aged ladies her in Hawaii. I don’t think a single lady has past Ry the entire three weeks without stopping to say hello to us, or at the very least giving Ry a smile. I think her smiles are just contagious, she’s always smiling so those around just can’t help but smile back. I don’t think Jocelyn and I have ever talked to so many people on holidays in our life.

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