A Whales Vagina

Rylie at YYC

It’s tradition to head on a trip in the spring and this year was no different, (except for the fact that we opted out of a large fundraiser event this year in which to travel around its dates in favor of a smaller scale cash raise).

We decided that a quick trip down to San Diego would do the trick instead of an overseas adventure, since our little goose is still pretty little. She’s been on 3 trips now in 7 months and has proven to be a real traveller; an easy going, happy baby!

So, off to a bit of a rocky start, our plane seats together were briefly snagged after someone entered the shortened version of their name, and the only way to fix it was to uncheck in, but since no one else wants to sit with a baby on the plane we were happy to be reunited in row 14.

Then, at the airport once arrived we sailed off to the rental car shuttle line up, and quickly realized we were traveling a bit light, sans a car seat, so josh ran back to retrieve it.

Then, after waiting too long for that bus, we decided to catch the hotel shuttle instead and scrap the car.
After checking into the hotel and settling in and waiting a while a crib (for a much needed short nap) we realized the amenities for the hotel were located at their other tower a 5 min walk away. We requested a swap and lugged our goods down the sidewalk for a better situated location with a baby; pools, restaurants, and shuttles. I only wish we knew this prior and could have saved a lot of hassle.

Baby was thoroughly confused I’m sure, and our first night was also a bit rough, though she made up for it by sleeping in just enough to correct the one hour earlier time change. Gotta love getting up at 5:30! Thanks babes.

We are looking forward to the San Diego zoo where we would like to check out the bear enclosure from anchor man movie and the brand new tiger exhibit!!!

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