How times have changed

San Diego sea walk

I will tell you right now we were one of those couples that said “babies won’t change the way we travel” but I think what we really meant (or should have meant) was that we will STILL travel… But “how” has already changed.

Instead of booking the cheapest most direct flight, you book around nap time and bed time.

Instead of choosing hotel for location, cleanliness and amenities you also look for cribs, blackout blinds and room service or in a perfect world a kitchenette.

When getting to and for you consider car seat capabilities, safety, nap ability,, stroller constraints, and certainly storage in the vehicle if renting a car.

When planning your day, it’s not about how long you can go or how far you can walk to see as much as you can, it’s how long till nap time and where should it be.

When planning itineraries you need twice as much time in the city as you thought to see half as much stuff.

You will get naps and long hours to rest because you pretty much have to go to bed when baby does in a one room hotel. Ie. you will sleep from 7-5 never see sunset and always sunrise… Really no change from at home!

Today our baby centered universe had us hostage for a full shuttle bus route and a half ride or 1 hour, as baby fell asleep enroute to the hotel and for fear of consequence of waking we decided to stay put. That’s ok, because we have learned to slow down and enjoy that extra time out and about with our little bean… Who, I might add, has just poked out her first tooth I discovered while my finger was acting as a chewy on said bus.

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