Red fish green fish, yes, me too fish

When in Rome… Actually, when in So Cal, eat fish tacos when they are available, and eat the bejezus out of them as they are SO tasty. Yum.

This fine Sunday, we hopped in a classy corolla to cruise the 101 highway along the coast from San Diego to Oceanside to see what nifty things could be found.

Top 10 reasons I pretty much love it here.
10. The fish taco frenzy and Mexican food in general
9. The weather, sunshine!!!
8. People outside running, walking, biking. Literally hundreds all up and down the coast.
7. How many loving Labradors were walking or swimming to their hearts content.
6. The hippie granola surfer, urban but not too urban vibe.
5. The walk-by shops, restaurants, etc and other things to poke around at.
4. Ambience= a jillion
3. The ocean, of course, complete with perfectly sized waves
2. Feeling all healthy by shopping at whole foods market, buying good for you diapers, and organic food, being outside enjoying the sunshine near the beach on a gorgeous day with my happy little family where I could see us enjoying many more delicious days exploring. Yes please.

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