Beachy keen

Jocelyn and Ry at the beach in Del Mar

Today we set off to explore one of our latest interests, that of the airstream trailer. There is a dealer near us and we spent a bit of the morning walking through an RV lot to quench our curiosity . Finally someone has designed a modern travel mobile with a little bit of style for those wanting to “glamp” and happen to be under 75 yrs of age.

We had intentions of lying low on the beach today, and we did get there but spent limited time on location as we had no chairs, towels or shade to sit under. It was a national holiday as well so every local in town flocked to one beach or another, and they had found all the parking hours before we had.

Our little lady decided our day was boring and left us to deal with a code brown just in time for lunch. She had secretly messed up her clothes, left a terd in the car seat, a smear on the stroller, then dad picked her up and sat her on his lap for a nice surprise. Mom got to clean it all up.

So then, Lunch was was on the strip in Del Mar, a cute little place with great atmosphere and just ok tuna and yummy cookies. From here we walked a few blocks to the beach (We had also checked out a large surf shop with no success).

We had a nice stroll on the straight as an arrow beach, lined with families and sun tanners. Not sure what baby thought of the whole thing, the waves were loud, and there were kids running everywhere, it was busy. She squealed a few times but sometimes I think it’s more overwhelming senses than with glee. She took it well, but we spared her too much action and headed back for a car nap. A quick visit to the pool once back at the hotel was given the same response, so that was a short endeavor also, which is just as well with no vacant pool chairs to be found. She was happy as a clam to go back to the room and play on the bed, practice her new moves, and honk dad’s nose. Fine with us.

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