Actually, its july

So far we’ve been into our townhouse for a month. Reno’s are pretty much wrapped up, besides the grout that remains stuck to the hardwood and the goop smeared on the countertops that I’ve yet to scrub off. It seems as though it has taken this whole month to move in, as we are still moving things around, organizing, and putting away. It never seems to end. We still need to hang mirrors, replace some plug covers, and retrieve all our priceless art from storage in my mom’s closet and hang that. Perhaps Josh will post some before and after pictures of our tiling experience.

This week is supposed to be deck building week, but we are waiting for the Stampede week weather to improve from rain and thundershowers with hail. My poor VW was dented nicely in the parking lot at work yesterday, luckily spared by more damage by a few sparse trees in front of it. Others weren’t as lucky. Some had broken windshields, ambushed flower beds, broken porch lights, and others experienced crazy flooding with water levels half way up your car tires.  Someone should tell mother nature its JULY!

We recieved a phone call today that our Bali shipment of treasures are soon to arrive, which will be about 6 weeks since we sent it here. Then we find about how to pick it up, and what damages we’ll pay in duty.

Talks have been started about our next adventure, possibly another extended driving trip (with pooch) down to the San Diego area this coming winter, and other conversations have been had about retreating to Maui (sans doggy) for a surf trip. After conversing with some family friends we’ve also been introduced to the idea of a South American cruise to get a taste of what that continent has to offer. Months ago we talked about a mediteranean trip as well, so I guess we’ve got alot to discuss and decide over the next few months.

Koocanusa & wakeboarding season has begun, rather late this year. The water levels were slow to come up which delays keeping the boat in the water during the week. We’ve had 2 weekends of wakeboarding and 3 of surfing. This weekend we finally tucked away the dry suit, and opted for the more appropriate choice of half wet suit. Again, someone needs to voice memo mother nature. It’s JULY and we’re wearing wet suits still. We will be lucky to have color to our skin by fall.

Living conditions at the campground/development site of Sweetwater have been rather frustrating and primitive this year, with no running water, sewer, or electricity. We’ve made due with toting small containers of water from home (and refilling in the lake), nature peeing, using the disgusting construction porto-potty for #2, and running the A/C for the dogs and charging the battery to run the fridge, with a generator. It works, but its not comfortable, and its definitely not an enjoyable long term solution. By the end of the weekend all you want to do is shower, even if you’ve been in the lake numerous times.

Not much else to report at this time, we’re just trying to get organized again. Nixon loves his new walk route, an extra long jaunt in the morning around a huge pond, and a half pond walk in the evening, and with the off leash park very close by. I have enjoyed the leisurely bike ride to the gym, and the use of the close-by shops and necessities we’ve not had before. Josh has been kept busy by the neverending honey-do-lists that evolve and develop daily for jobs around the house.

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