Other hiccups

So, we ended up taking possession of our house on the Saturday, almost 48 hours past when we were supposed to get it. Things went pretty smoothly with that, and she left it in pretty clean shape. We spend the nicest weekend of this year, so far, painting all three floors of the house, including the most difficult peaked ceiling in the master loft right above the stairs. Time consuming. Anyway, we left the bathrooms for later and demo’d the tile backsplash and the fireplace. Both of which each had their hiccups and annoying issues. Turns out the fireplace can’t be moved due to duct work and heat escaping, but only altered in the same place it was.

The movers brought our stuff from storage on the wednesday, and we left every box untouched in the house, and only got to the wakeboarding gear (which was actually difficult to find in an unmarked basement box). We’re not moving in for a bit still, as the fireplace is still taken apart with gas lines unsecured. Until then, we camp a little longer at moms’. It’s been 6 months and 2 days since we left our last house!

Weekends since painting have been at the lake on our¬†developing property. And that’s all it is, dirt, well weeds and sticks for now. No water, no sewer, and no electricity. We’ve had some hiccups there as well, dead boat batteries, a new generator that won’t work, the water pump in the trailer malfunctioning, and the golf cart on the fritz again. But, the view is great, and hopefully the weather and the water will cooperate for us for the rest of the weekends. Oh, and amen for the new BBQ with side burner. No more heating up the trailer to cook.

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