Beach Bum

Day dreaming

This afternoon we medicated the wee febrile tiger and took her to the beach at the last minute. She LOVES the beach, so we knew she wouldn’t mind. Josh also brought me a surf board, a wet suit, and a friend and made me get in the water before I worked up that “urge”. Or, more like, before my stubborn mind made the decision not to go surfing. So, I went. I had fun. I caught the first wave that came my way, and it was a great long one, all the way in to ankle deep water. It was just what I needed, and although my paddle strength was limited, and wet suit surfing is new to me, it was that short snippet of an enjoyable experience that I needed to remember there is some WEE in that hard work.

Rylie was super spent by the time I came out of the water (a whole 45 min later) from playing in the (throwing) sand with her dad. I just finished cleaning up a sandy face plant just as I was suiting up, so I knew upon return that there had been more sand flying. Her bathtub was FULL of sand when we got home.

Poor girlie was so tired, and having too much fun spinning on a dish towel on the floor, she did another face plant on the kitchen floor, this time blood was flying instead of sand. She put her teeth through her lip, but after a good cry and a cuddle we went to the bathroom and she smiled with a tear, and looked in the mirror at the strange red streak running out of her mouth and pointed “look mom, what’s that?”

Jocelyn, Pre - Surf.
Jocelyn, Pre – Surf.

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