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So, Josh tells me that I need to write blogs frequently, in order to appeal to my readers’ interest. Creating appealing subject matter could be my only challenge. Here’s a start.

Driving the Jeep
Driving the Jeep

Many of you may not be aware that we’re lucky enough to be enjoying our California winter with some very close friends. They have sold their home, and are self employed and on family leave, granting them the ability to take off into the wind with their belongings and their children to live in a wee tiny space, just like us. It’s funny because when they lived in Invermere, we were in Calgary. We “moved” to Invermere they went to Vancouver. Then, finally this summer we both ended up in Invermere. Come fall, they drove fast, and we drove very slow, but we both made it down to the very same campground. Now, instead of driving 10 minutes to see them, we walk outside, cross the “street” go down 3 trailers and there they are. It’s a good thing too because the kids are all on completely different nap schedules. Nonetheless, we have the ability to see them 20 times a day if we want. I think it makes it feel much more like home, having them here rather than being alone, in a far away place.

This past weekend, we drove 15 minutes south to the town of Encinitas for their street side market. They have the usual junk; jewellery, food carts, balloons, art, corny t-shirts, pet swag, children’s gifts, and handicrafts. They closed down the 101 highway and set up tents from street D to J. There were so many booths to see. We had to park 6 blocks away and walk those plus the whole distance of the market back and forth. Of course, we thought it would be crowded like the Invermere market so we opted to backpack Rylie, and leave Nixon at home. The latter decision wasn’t so smart as he missed a fantastic opportunity to be tired.

While I still haven’t worked up the urge to go surfing, I have been to spin class a couple of times. I’m not gonna lie, classes are tough, but wow, are they boring down here. Finally today I had an instructor who used some decent music to strike up some pep with the group. We almost got to spin with the beat a few times. Phew. I was on the verge of just going on my own after yawning to Marylin Manson at the last class.

You know you’re in for trouble when your instructors ends the class with “happy thanksgiving….and, be nice to each other!” when referring to black friday. I think we won’t be doing any hard core shopping, but there is a bigger surf shop a couple blocks away where we might try to wrangle up some new sanuks.

Anyway, Thanksgiving. We have actually been invited to a real American Thanksgiving dinner. Our friends have befriended another very nice couple who live a couple miles inland and we are all going to celebrate on thursday with them, as long as miss Rylie recovers from her sneaky fever that crept up this morning.

In other news, because we have such a limited amount of time to get out and enjoy the day (with Rylie’s napping and eating and other chores going on) I am making a point of doing “something enjoyable every day”, whether its just sitting out relaxing in the warm sun during a nap, painting my toes, taking some sunset photos, relaxing in the hot tub, eating dinner outside in the fresh night air, or enjoying a nice walk near the beach with the family. Haha, I didn’t include surfing in there did I? Oops. Anyway, I know this month is going to fly by and I want to say I really made the best of our time here, instead of it being just a change of scenery.

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