Blasphemy and bollox

Ok I said I wouldn’t talk anymore about how expensive it is here, but here’s what you might get for $30 CAD: an outlet converter to charge your phone, a lunch of 2 hot dogs, 2 chocolate milks, and 2 apples from 7-11; a snack of 2 coffees and 2 pastries at a coffee shop; a hotel breakfast; or a water, a choco milk and a yogurt cup at 7-11!
You can buy a little pint of raspberries for $8.00 or a local beer for $12.00. There you go.

So, when you see hoards of people going nuts at the duty free on the ship, all evening long, loading more than one basket full of liquor, chocolates etc into them you wonder what kind of astronomical prices they pay normally to actually consider this a good deal.

We bought a couple ice cream bars for $4.00 each and stood in line with these crazy folks, and that was enough to remind us why we hate battling crowds, and shouldn’t partake in any form of cruise style travel, or any kind of group travel for that matter….That, and standing like overstuffed cattle in a train car with them all just waiting to get off the ferry the next morning on deck 5. I swear, in an emergency it would have been a shoving trample-fest with the weak and nimble at the bottom.