Don’t Rock the boat

Our last day in Copenhagen it rained, poured and sprinkled with just enough variation to allow us to explore in stages with rest under awnings, trees or at a window ledge in a tasty bakery.

Today our journey on foot took us to the island called Christiana, which holds the “green light district” AKA the hippie part of town. They even consider their area separate from the EU, and it has signs welcoming you to their “state”. So yeah, i think thats green for weed…..though they indicate that selling weed is illegal, we saw the transactions in broad daylight. But really, I was a bit sketched out by this little area full of brightly painted graffiti, junk ridden dilapidated buildings and what appeared to be the city’s dead beats exchanging weed and being non productive… Lets just say it wasn’t really the hippie town I had expected, and maybe the rain helped to dampen the ambience of what could be a neat little bustling neighborhood with artsy shops and a cool laid back vibe. The weirdest thing was their rules like no photos, and don’t run; it causes panic… Only if you’re doing illegal things that could be captured as evidence, and on drugs having extreme paranoia should that be an issue!

Anyway, interesting but no thanks. Amsterdam has weed and is somewhat cooler, even with its red light district nearby.
Later in the day we experienced and successfully sorted out our train woes with the S tog train through the city. Much easier than the intercity train with color coding and such. Off we hopped with our teeny roller suitcases, slowly making the transition from backpacker to yuppy traveller (mostly for the sake of not having to carry something than actual preference….) to the burbs of CPH and then the ferry terminal. A nice 1.5 km journey I’d estimate, at least the rain cleared because this momma to be was sweating while hauling a big camera bag, pulling a suitcase on cobbled paths trying to keep up with a certain Withell on a mission.

Speaking of mom’s, the coolest thing here since sliced bread is the pram. Babies here ride in style, not in cars seats as their parents stroll the streets. I guess the lack of cars makes this completely cosy transport a realistic option.
Tonight we ride the overnight ferry, in our cruise like cabin complete with cozy sleeping quarters, window, and bathroom. So far, a rough ride as we rock back and forth across the sea to Norway.