Last week was a bit of a blur after we moved furniture into our new Invermere place, unpacked, and held our yearly fundraiser event complete with 130 people raising $60,000!
This week we start off on our pilgrimage Northern European tour as our last kid free trip before baby comes in October. At 22 wks large this might be a bit of a challenge to keep up to the daily walking, recover from jet lag and find edible healthy food…. But let the games begin.

We’re liking the city of Copenhagen so far, with touches of other European cities all over, from square lined Cafe’s to pretty water front canals, to an awesome bike culture… It’s quite a neat place. It’s warm, but can get pretty chilly with an April-like cool wind and the sun doesn’t go down for long at night. The food is fishy, slash German with sausages and open faced sandwiches on rye. Also terribly expensive with a bottle of water breaking the bank at $6.00. Though you can drink tap water, why would the restaurants allow that? To encourage plastic consumption maybe? At least maybe they recycle.

Copenhagen Copenhagen
We wandered the streets, finding churches, palaces, canals, and gardens. Ate Danishes and fish cakes, rode a boat tour, and tested their transit. I will say the train system is one of the least straight forward we’ve encountered, after you easily buy your ticket on the nice machine, good luck finding your train with little markings, organization, intuition, or signage in English! Bah. Though the guy at information who spoke fluent English (most people here seem to) was impressed we had bought the correct ticket (which was oddly quite easy)…..
This aft we navigate trains to the ferry and hop overnight to Oslo, Norway.

Copenhagen Copenhagen Copenhagen