Tickled Pinklish

Tonight we rode the metro to the “Dream Mall” which was actually quite disapointing in itself; large, but nothing terribly exciting inside. We were tired of “hunting” for meals, and admitted nutritional defeat by eating golden arches. I hate doing that. We never even eat it at home! Anyway, I thought I’d share a little experience with you that made me smile.

After the metro, we took a little shuttle bus about 3 minutes down the road to the mall (dark, no map, unsure of direction). We get in, sit down, and I see these two little eyes peering at me from the seat infront; really close. They belong to a kid about 8 or 9 I would guess. He’s sitting beside his dad but fully turned backwards leaning on the headrest, so I said “Hello” and he shoots around in his seat like I’d caught him staring. A few seconds more goes by, his little eyes drift back over the seat and I just let him watch us as we drive all the way to the mall. Finally, as the bus pulls to the side of the road to let us off, he says very quietly “Hi, my name is Jerry” and I can barely make it out. So, I say “Hi Jerry, nice to meet you”. He’s thrilled. “What is your name?” he asks. I tell him and he carries on the short conversation probably exactly how he learned it in school. “Nice to meet you. Have a nice day. Goodbye”. I say “have fun at the mall,” and after a brief pause and a HUGE grin and a wave he says “thank you!” Haha. So cute.