A No Snow Christmas

Check out this decoration I just removed from the tree.

Okay, while we enjoyed being down in the sunshine during the fall months, I was actually kind of looking forward to having a little bit of snow for Christmas. It’s basically the only time when snow is actually welcome in my mind. However, mother nature did not abide, and whether we were in California, or in Calgary, we were to have a brown Christmas either way.

On Christmas Eve, its our tradition to spend it with my family. Over the years, as families grow and change, it has become a quiet evening with less and less people. This year we had a nice lobster dinner with my mom and sister and opened gifts casually over the course of the evening as Rylie’s attention and mood permitted. As usual, she was spoiled with love and gifts and was the most excited to receive a stuffed, walking, neighing pony. And, contrary to your best guess, it was actually from her parents, the anti-equestrian people. After one of her California friends’ let her play with a similar one and she LOVED it we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see her face when she opened it. Of course, we then left out some cookies (ok, scotcheroos) and carrots for Santa before retiring to bed at a decent hour.

Christmas morning (the REAL Christmas according to Josh), we woke and got ready at a fairly leisurely pace and made our way to Joshs’ parents place for his family traditional festivities by 10. Again, with the little ones, our gift opening was spread over several hours, split on either side by naps and snacks and time spent playing with the new and exciting toys. The hit for Rylie was her very own cozy chair, and her cousin Emma’s doll high chair (both items they took turns sitting in themselves). Rylie refused to test out her new tunnel, but Emma was a fan.

Though the toys were a hit, the Christmas tree was the biggest toddler magnet of all, and Rylie was certainly the queen of de-decorating the ornaments from the bottom half of the tree at both grandparents houses. The ones she liked best had tassels, sparkles to pick off, or were horse shapes or birds. After the Santa drama at the mall, I’d let her taste the candy cane, so that was another top stolen item from the tree.

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