Toy Assembly

What we're building

Shortly after arriving at Grandma Pats house, Josh was informed that he’d be assembling a new slide/climbing wall for Ry. Tomorrow is not Christmas, but our time is limited in Calgary so whats a couple days. The slide it way to large for our RV so she might as well get as much use out of it as possible. Once Ry was asleep, Josh and Grandma got to work. 15 minutes later, they had it in the house, out of the box and assembled. Pretty impressive.

Once complete, we set it up in the great room and waited until the morning to show Ry. I think her face says it all. A big smile and that pointer finger, she was so stoked. We resisted the idea of purchasing these large toddler items, but we may be breaking. They’re a lot of fun, and great occupiers of time.

Ry is really enjoying the slide/climbing wall, showing off her skills almost immediately. This included climbing the wall, standing on top, clapping with excitement as she looked over the edge, and sliding on her belly feet first down the slide. She’s showing a lot of confidence with her ability, but still not walking.

Later on in the afternoon, her cousin came to visit and together they tackled the ups and downs of the play structure. It was a blast to watch them interact and chatter back and forth. Its been a few months since they last saw each other, so it was a real catching up moment.

Finally, Grandma Debbie stopped by for a visit and dinner. Lots of fun.

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