Coastal Cruising

Westport Marina.

Last night we arrived in Westport, WA just before dinner. It was raining buckets, sideways. Good thing for me setting up camp is a “blue” job… Man. Outside. Yes! Me inside with baby, cooking= pink job. Warm. Dry.

After dinner as darkness was setting in, but the rain had stopped, I took labby out for some fresh air. I had a flashlight, and I could still make out the bushes surrounding the property. At least, you could when we left to circle the nearly deserted RV park. On our second lap, already on edge waiting for creepy monsters or bears, to pop out and eat us, we heard a shrill shrieking scream from behind. What the? Zombies?! I started to run home, Nixon trailing cluelessly behind me, all the way back to the trailer where Josh and baby were coming outside as they heard it too. He thought it was me… no, get inside, it wasn’t me! My YouTube scream search revealed a couple possibilities, but foolishly small; the red fox or the bobcat. Both of them are around these parts. Eeek! I was not relieved, and still bone chilled.

This morning we wandered downtown Westport, a sleepy little fishing village where most things were closed, the signage reading open a few days per week, maybe, from 11-? Or open till 4ish. Some closed for the season. It was a cute little place, with some nice views from the tower of the cold, raging surf.

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Onward to Longbeach, the narrow winding road was similar to that of Vancouver Island. Once there we parked the RV in a small back lot and walked the main street. Stopped in at seaside taco, then the free museum/gift shop with some crazy dead animal displays, sea shells, vintage fortune tellers and coin games.

The trip wouldn’t be complete without stopping in at the “small town America” bakery for a treat. And finally, onto long beach where we had a quick photo stop but did not drive out on the sand as many were seen doing. Maybe the trailer would like to get stuck in the sand…. So no.

Spending the night at Andersens RV park, Very close to the crashing waves. This afternoon has been on and off pouring squall like rain, which seems magnified at least a few times on the thin trailer roof. Great for naps and a cozy tortilla soup dinner.