A snoozer

Nixon after finding a mud puddle

No offense Washington State, but your North is ugly. I can’t tell if you’re desert or farm land, and your bushes are brown and spikey. What are they?!

This morning we packed up and headed out on the road by a shockingly early 8:45. That’s thanks to a baby alarm at the ripe hour of 6. Or it could be because we’re getting a bit more efficient, either way we had a ways to drive today so any extra hours we will take them in the car.

I wrote yesterday about our anti-car-napper. She proved us wrong when the stars aligned today for a 90 min car nap. Perfect, because there was no way we’d have made it to Seattle otherwise. It was a 5 hour journey and it took all day. We only stopped once. How’s that? We don’t even know. But, the last half hour wasn’t pretty.

Not much else to write today except poor Josh parked the RV, set up everything, then decided to move sites due to noise. So we compromised noise for mud. Sigh.

In the meantime I made dinner, fed the baby while she stood at the table and the dog hovered annoyingly close, and then we took him for a “run” in the offleash tiny pen at the KOA here in Kent, WA.

Baby fell asleep at 6:45 sans a second nap, and we had dinner in bed. A step down from the Jazz accompanied French toast from last evening.

The next few days are dependent on our truck topper arriving nearby… Crossing our fingers for tomorrow so we can keep going south.

Anyway, here are few pictures from our one day stay in Seattle/Kent. Nixon got an hour at the off lease park. We talked with some locals, he rolled in the dirt. We also checked out South Center Mall. It was raining, and close buy. It contained a cool fish tank, Ry loved it.

The end.