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The Mexican carwash was worth the wait, and smart as they are, there was a little cafe/restaurant attached so you could hang out and read spanish newspapers, listen to great latino music and catch the nice breeze off the highway. The car was nice and clean just as they said, about an hour later. We felt a bit bad the kid was scrubbing the vacuum on the sides of the trunk getting Nixon’s hair out, but overall a great job for a super price. But, after a few hours digression, let’s think about this…my thoughts that developed after a day on the water, spending time with vacationers, and after a week with retiree’s and thinking about past travels, while waiting for next week to start volunteering.

What are the goals of a holiday? In my opinion, to spend much needed time away from the daily grind, with your friends, family, etc and to forget about your everyday life because its too hectic and pressured that you deserve every second of relaxation, and spoiling.

A travel adventure? You want to discover a new country, its culture, its’ people, eat their food, walk their streets, and experience their lives as closely as possible, either to really enjoy it, or hate it, or respect its differences. You aspire to see it all, to take amazing photos, and gather adventurous stories to excitely discuss and compare with others who’ve experienced similar travels.

A retiree? You’ve worked your ass off for the last 50 years and now you feel that you finally deserve to enjoy your life. You can do whatever you want, wherever you want, and hopefully you stay healthy enough to enjoy a number of years doing what you love, whatever that may be.

A humanitarian? As a result of your own appreciation for life, you desire to help those less fortunate, whether in your home town or across the world, by contributing your time and effort to the community that touches you most.

After considering all of the above, I have to say that we’re lucky enough to spend some time doing all four of these things, in the next four months, and I am glad that we’ve decided to take a break from the real world to do so, because you just never know just how much time you’ll have. So, what are you all waiting for?!  Go do something a little bit “crazy while you have the chance.

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