Okay, so we get closer to the concentration camps and are driving along a slow town side road, and more than half a dozen cars flash their lights at us, so once again, for the third time, we pull over and take turns driving quickly up the road towards each other to see what the heck these people are seeing that we aren;t. Maybe its the tires, or something under the bumper we didn’t see, maybe its the hubcap (we don’t have those) or maybe the licence plate on the front has fallen.. Well, stupid Swiss car with Canadians can’t figure out that their headlights aren’t on. Apparently this is a huge deal! And, while it is a big deal, we didn’t realize that the Swiss don’t have automatic running day time lights! Duh. We giggled and headed onwards. Four countries later and we finally get it.

Krakow Poland

After the concentration camp this afternoon we arrived in quaint little charming Krakow, Poland. It’s a bit chilly here, but after a walk we decided its a welcome break from the crowds of Prague, with just as much charm and detailed architecture. It’s VERY photographable and without the crowds will be so much more relaxing. We decide to book an extra night here so we have a full day and evening to explore.

For dinner we decide to go Mexican. Strange, yes. Tasty, also yes. We have tasted some of the best food outside its native land (like pizza in thailand, indian in portugal), so we decide to go for it again. Not quite authentic Mexican, but quite good.

Our hotel is a cute little renovated romantic hotelin old town, as they describe it online, which actually reminds us both of a cross between a bed and breakfast and an assisted living facility, at least in the halls, and foyer, where there are painted murals on the walls, its 30 degrees and the doors have detailed panels and fancy hardware.

I have to make such generalizations, but did I mention that so far the Polish people speak far better english, have a much friendly demeanor so far from what we have encountered. Maybe the Czech’s in Prague we met were grumpy with the crowds and tourists. I sure would be so I don’t blame them.

I also wish I spoke more languages! Tomorrow we browse the town, and wednesday we head to country #5 Slovakia.