Krakow Church

I have to admit, Poland was never really on my countries to see list, but I am actually glad that we could fit Krakow in our itinerary for this trip because so far it has been worth the journey.
We spent the better part of the morning at the castle, which included a cathedral church and palace private quarters and staterooms. It’s too bad we couldn’t take photos inside, but outside we could..the grounds were pretty and well kept.

Krakow Castle
In the afternoon we walked about 35 min to the Schindler factory, which is now displayed as a museum, after stopping briefly in the old Jewish quarter. The museum was not very crowded likely due to the location but was really well done as you walk through themed and modeled areas representing the timeline of how Krakow was invaded by the Germans and how the Jews were treated in the ghettos, and then taken to the camps.

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