License and registration please

Poland Road

It’s a bit of a joke for us while renting a car abroad to see what kind of vehicle infractions we can get. Last European adventure we got four mystery ticket notifications sent via the rental agency for unknown issues, but never got the actual ticket.
In Prague we think we got a ticket for parking, though in a permitted area and a paid sticker on the dash, because they were going to clean the streets.
Today while on a frustratingly slow detour from Elizabeth (GPS lady) through Poland we were pulled over by the cops. What we thought was a radar gun was actually binoculars! Though we weren’t speeding anyway. Oh boy, we thought we were in for an entertaining language war. But, instead we handed over our necessary documents and chatted about traveling and road construction while our papers were being run. Shortly we were back on our way and finally found the highway we lost 2 hours before.