Easy days.

Nixon, keeping an eye on dinner

This last week we’ve begun to fall into a little bit of a routine. Jocelyn joined a spin class and Rylie is been doing gymnastics with a few local kids. Both these activities generally occur in the mornings, leaving us with a few hours post nap to explore the town. We call them easy days.

We made our way over to the La Quinta hotel/ resort next door. It’s was built circa 1920 and existed prior the city of La Quinta. Apparently it hosted a number of celebrities from the early 20th century. The grounds are beautiful, full of large fruit trees, fountains, and streams. Guests stay in adobe bungalows rather than the traditional stacked hotel. There are also an assortment of restaurants and stores onsite. We let Rylie loose on the place, and the combo of her and our dog garnered some attention.

El Paseo shopping area brands its self as a kind of Rodeo Drive. Street front shopping with a variety of mid to high end shops. A few days back we deemed it worthy of a few hours, most of which was spent in children’s store that specialized in wooden toys. We bought a pair of shoes for Rylie but otherwise resisted the desire to purchase anything. Our prevailing thoughts are, if we leave empty handed 95% of the time, maybe we can avoid the terrible two temper tantrums later on. I guess time will tell.

A couple unrelated images, but Ry has been attempting to jump. That mixed with running – needless to say we’ve had a few spills.

This afternoon we headed over to a small dog kennel called Village Pup for a behaviour evaluation. We’re heading to LA for a couple days in early February and need a place to leave him while we’re out of town. Its a cool little place in old town La Quinta, but before they’ll accept a reservation they want to spend some quality time with your dog. Lucky for us there was a classic car show going on across the street. We dropped Nixon off to get aquatinted with his new friends and set off to see some cars. The show was nearly over, but we snapped a few photos before it ended.

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