Half Routine

Blowing out Rys half birthday candles.

We’ve gotten into a bit of a more regular half routine lately, hence the limited blog material. It kinda goes like this: the beginning of the week we spend in the city, the weekend up at the lake. It’s a nice mix for us right now, to get things done in both places as need be.

Ry wanted to celebrate her half birthday last week, so with a candle (and a half) poked into a delicious ice cream cup-”cake” we did just that, complete with singing and a Mini Mouse balloon. She loved it of course, and just like her mom just doesn’t learn that sugar at bedtime is bad, her sleep was once again hard to come by.

We had the opportunity to head to Cranbrook for the day to visit my good friend Sophia and her family, including their sweet little newborn. I had to pause for a photo op at the front door upon leaving, as the girls just had way too much fun running through the house and playing tunes on the piano to get any prior to that.

Gymnastics has been a hit with Rylie in the past, but this week she was quite the cling-on, and basically I did her obstacles for her while she hung from my side like a first timer. Not sure what that was about, but I did pry her off for a few minutes during free time to play with her Gramma and favourite cousin Emma in the squishy ball pit. Dad paparazzi’d some pics during the class so as not to miss a good chance.

Days in the city are packed with errands, from house shopping to test driving cars. Josh sold both the trailer and the truck in the last two weeks and there’s nothing left from our trip but pictures, to prove we even went anywhere. During those “quiet” lakeside days we’ve been hanging pictures, cleaning up the house, and spring cleaning in the yard. I’ve got Josh busy on my next project, in which he will no doubt execute my latest pinterest inspired photo wall with great success using his handy-MAN skills… there will be some photos to come, you can be sure.

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